How Customer Surveys Increase Loyalty

Customer surveys don’t just give you insight; they also increase loyalty and reinforce the connection between your customers and your brand.

Customer surveys are vital if you want to:

  • Use the Voice of the Customer to help you to improve customer experience.
  • Find out why customers are leaving you for competitors.
  • Uncover customer demands so that you can improve your product or service.

But there is one benefit that many companies don’t connect with customer surveys – increased customer loyalty.
According to Forrester Research, acquiring new customers costs five times more than retaining current customers, so improving the customer experience is not only good for public relations, it’s also good for your bottom line.

Reaching out to customers makes them feel more valued

Unengaged customers are not loyal customers.

The more engaged a customer feels with your brand, the more likely they are to remember your company the next time they are ready to make a purchase and the more likely they are to refer their friends and family to your company.

Customer surveys should not be a chore to customers – they are a chance for your customers to engage with your brand. Creating engaging, branded surveys that look good on all devices helps to create a positive impression of your brand – while getting you the insights that you need.

Customer surveys can also help you align with your customers. Today’s consumers have access to more information than ever before, and they are more likely to connect with a brand that aligns with their beliefs and values. Find out what those beliefs and values are by conducting customer surveys every step of the way.

Asking for Your Customers’ Opinions Makes Sense

Your customers have opinions, and they want you to listen to them.

When you actively ask them for their input, it makes them feel like their opinions matter to you.

Ask them for more than just their satisfaction on a scale of X to Y – ask questions like:

  • How is this product working for you?
  • Should you offer discounts or other incentives?
  • Is your company’s customer service up to scratch?

Social media has also given companies a powerful way to reach out to customers. This should go without saying, but when a customer reaches out to you on social media, you need to respond. Your customer will appreciate the one-on-one communication and all of their followers will see it too.

Uncover Problems and Solve Them BEFORE Customers Leave

After a customer has left you for your competitor, it is too late to fix the problem. You need to address customer issues before things get that far, and customer surveys are a very effective way to do this.

Regularly gather customer experience feedback through surveys. Not just once a year, and not just after a purchase from you – conduct surveys at every touch point and let customers have a say every step of the way. Then you will stay ahead of any issues that may lead to customer attrition

Speed is critical with customer surveys. Gather in-the-moment feedback to really get the whole picture of the customer experience.


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This post is originally from the Questback blog.