Follow up with your respondents for an improved customer experience

Customer surveys often don’t continue the conversation after the customer has responded. If you want to improve customer experience and increase loyalty you need to maintain dialogue and continuously engage with your customers.

Companies that engage in a follow up dialogue with their customers and continue the conversation will experience a higher return on investment from their customer feedback initiatives.

What does it mean to follow up?

Every customer response holds the promise of further interaction and further insight. Closing the loop with customers requires not only gathering responses, but then acting on that feedback. If, for example, a customer shared that they had a great experience with your company, you could reach out and thank them. If the customer share that they had a negative experience, you could offer an apology and try to right the wrong with an incentive to buy from the company again in the future.

Following up means sharing customer feedback directly with your employees, so you need to use advanced software with live reporting.

Benefits of Following up

Contacting customers who have provided feedback is an excellent way to ensure that issues are addressed immediately. Solving customer issues in this way this can breed loyalty.

This is also an excellent way to catch customers before they become detractors, and reinforce your brand with customers who have had a good experience.

Closing the loop benefits your employees as well. It gives them an opportunity to see the company through the eyes of the customer, and to engage with customers directly. Not only does this help to engage employees with customer service, but it also helps those employees to see how their roles fit into the company strategy.

Choose the right platform

Closed-loop feedback promotes a continuous dialogue with customers, and enables continuous learning and improvement for the whole company.


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This post is originally from the Questback blog.