How to get more from your Net Promoter® Score surveys

Your Net Promoter® Score is determined by one question:

How likely is it that you would recommend {Company X} to your friends or colleagues?

The NPS®’ creator, Bain & Company, say that knowing whether customers are likely to recommend you is important because it’s a predictor of customer loyalty, repeat purchases and profitability. But they also warn that if you don’t know the reasons why customers choose to recommend (or to not recommend) your brand, you can’t take any remedial action. So it is crucial to follow up the NPS® question with an open-ended “Why?” question.
You could simply add a quick “Why?” after the NPS® question in your surveys and leave it at that, but you will get better results if you maximize the insight from the follow-up —using the data that you have already collected to tailor the question to the respondent’s initial answer.

Asking the right follow-up questions

When you’re talking to detractors (those who answer 6 or lower on the NPS® scale), the important follow-up question is why they don’t feel your brand is worth recommending to people they know.

A bad experience isn’t the only reason for low scores – it could also be because your product serves a narrow niche and your respondent doesn’t have any friends or colleagues who would be interested.

An ideal follow-up for detractors is something like this:

“We are sorry that you don’t feel able to recommend us. We’d love to know how we can improve what we’re doing. What was missing or disappointing in your experience with us?”

When your respondent gives a neutral answer (7 or 8) to the NPS® question, what you really need to know is how to close the gap and turn them into loyal promoters of your brand. So you could ask:

“Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us. If we could do just one thing to make you more likely to recommend us, what would it be?”

And when you’re dealing with promoters (those who answer 9 or 10), you have the perfect opportunity to ask them what they value about what you do.

“Thanks for your feedback — we’re glad to hear that you’re happy with us. If you were recommending us to a friend, what one reason would you give them to try us out?”

Some of the answers may surprise you, but if you see the same answer over and over again, you’ve uncovered your biggest value proposition.

Use the right platform

Any good survey software will let you automate this follow-up process so that you can deliver the right follow-up question in real time.

Next time you look at an NPS® survey report, focus on those follow-up answers. And do something about them.
Resolve problem areas, make personalized offers to change detractors’ minds, and show gratitude to your promoters.

The result is lower customer churn, happier customers, increase loyalty and more referrals.


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This post is originally from the Questback blog.