Why you need mobile customer surveys

Statistics tell us that 63% of people who own mobile devices are regularly using them to buy products and services. Inevitably, companies of all kinds are striving to develop better e-commerce options for customers.

Given that mobile devices have changed the way we shop it only makes sense that customer surveys should be designed for mobile devices. You can reach more respondents with mobile-ready surveys that are designed for any smartphone, device or browser.

Why now?

Almost everyone has a mobile device these days. At the point of sale or just after an interaction, mobile devices provide valuable live feedback from customers and you capture their feedback while the experience is still fresh in their minds. This is much more accurate and reliable than opinion gathered days or weeks later.
If you collect feedback after a transaction or event, your survey becomes part of the customer’s ongoing dialogue with your company.

Outdated technology designed before the widespread use of mobile devices can create a frustrating experience for respondents resulting in lower response rates. Companies seeking to collect more meaningful and real-time customer feedback are utilising mobile apps successfully:

  • Real-time feedback.
  • Allows for collection of additional data such as location to add further value to the data.
  • Allows for personalization of survey and the ability to quickly engage customers.

Mobile Design

Use mobile-first software to design surveys that give respondents the best experience and result in higher response rates. Invite customers via SMS or email, or give them a URL or QR code to complete the survey. No matter what type of device they are using, they will be able to take the survey and provide you with valuable customer insight.


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This post is originally from the Questback blog.